Pera Legal Volunteers of District Legal Services Authority, Dima Hasao

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Sl No Name Police station Address Contact Details
1. Ruthi Lalhmingmoi Thiek Haflong Muolhoi, Haflong Mobile: 9401749902,6001726526

2. Ramgayin Nriame Mahur Laisong, Mahur Mobile: 8133008012,

3. Ajit Bodo Maibong Delenwatiling, Wadrengdisa Mobile: 8638964034,

4. Manohar Thapa Haflong Boildhura,Haflong Mobile: 9954961356,

5. Bishal Sharma Haflong Boildhura,Haflong Mobile: 7002460046,

6. Sobila Kemprai Haflong S S razee, Haflong Mobile: 9678683506,

7. Lamhoudam Guite Haflong Songpijang, Haflong Mobile: 7086843774,

8. Kewal Thapa Haflong Boildhura,Haflong Mobile: 9101986520,

9. Gouminlien Changsan Harangajao Dolaichunga, Harangajao Mobile: 8011583090,

10. Sehhopjao Hengna Haflong N Leikul Mobile: 8761033837,

11. Thangkhohen Chongloi Haflong Songpijang,Haflong Mobile: 9678639426,

12. Femina Johori Maibang Dihur Phonglo, Maibang Mobile: 9957048877,

13. Abhijit Borah Haflong PWD 3rd Colony,Haflong Mobile: 8134001991,

14. Letkhogin Singsit Haflong N Leikul,Haflong Mobile: 7086369420,

15. Mathew Lalhmachhuana Darngawn Haflong Mulhoi,Haflong Mobile: 9957839004,

16. Sudeep Das Haflong Civil Hospital Colony,Haflong Mobile: 8472964831,

17. Oshin Hoineilam Lhoujem Haflong Mulhoi,Haflong Mobile: 8472952527,

18. Ngulminhao Chongloi Haflong Songpijang,Haflong Mobile: 7086241629,

19. Nemneichong Lhoujem Haflong Songpijang,Haflong Mobile: 9101096436,

20. Heguang Seyile Mahur Laisong, Mahur Mobile: 9954459645,

21. Sisiliya Terangpi Haflong Karbi Rongkangtui,Haflong Mobile: 7086461193,

22. Arjun Thapa Haflong Counsil Colony,Haflong Mobile: 6000096846,

23. Paotinmang Lhoujem Harangajao Buolsol, Harangajao Mobile: 9954669890,

24. Hengousem Lhouvum Harangajao Mongon, Harangajao Mobile: 8812914635,

25. Spargeon Amo Haflong Mulholi, Haflong Mobile: 8811877962,

26. Henud Kemprai Gunjung Moti Daudung, Gunjung Mobile: 6003189620,

27. Emanuel Remruotkim Amo Haflong Mulholi, Haflong Mobile: 7636867947,

28. Rima Singha Haflong Tularan Razee, Haflong Mobile: 8133017051,

29. Suman Lama Harangajao Mibongdisa Basti, Harangajao Mobile: 9678527580,

30. Swarnali Paul Haflong Railway Colony, Haflong Mobile: 8876095715,

31. Devojyuti Nath Haflong Gadain Razee, Haflong Mobile: 8812801992,

32. Abale Jeme Mahur Laisong,Mahur Mobile: 8134900955,

33. Lalmuonkim Hengna Haflong Songpijang, Haflong Mobile: 9678766198,

34. Letkhogin Singsit Haflong N leikul, Haflong Mobile: 7086369420,


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